Tuesday 21 November 2017

Why Justice League is Better than BvS ?

Warner Bros Pictures
Justice League Review: a Slightly Better DCEU Movie
Have you watched Justice League yet ? One of the most anticipated cinema flicks at least for the last 2 years. This movie has finally arrived. yet, a lot of expectation come from die hard DC Comic fans and casual fans. Just like BvS, the current confrontation now is between fans and movie critics as rotten tomatoes gave 39% of rating or it is called "rotten". Many people say it's too harsh. but at least it has slightly better rating than BvS (27%).
For me, Justice League is treated better than BvS. When BvS had a lot of troubles from the beginning to the end, such as plot, characterization, and the 3rd act, Justice League has no problem at all at those criteria. perhaps, the most underlining problem from Justice League is; Complexity, motivation, and theatrical cut