Tuesday 21 November 2017

Why Justice League is Better than BvS ?

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Justice League Review: a Slightly Better DCEU Movie
Have you watched Justice League yet ? One of the most anticipated cinema flicks at least for the last 2 years. This movie has finally arrived. yet, a lot of expectation come from die hard DC Comic fans and casual fans. Just like BvS, the current confrontation now is between fans and movie critics as rotten tomatoes gave 39% of rating or it is called "rotten". Many people say it's too harsh. but at least it has slightly better rating than BvS (27%).
For me, Justice League is treated better than BvS. When BvS had a lot of troubles from the beginning to the end, such as plot, characterization, and the 3rd act, Justice League has no problem at all at those criteria. perhaps, the most underlining problem from Justice League is; Complexity, motivation, and theatrical cut
Complexity of the story is one of the problems that makes the rating isn't quite satisfying. Critics need a movie with so much detail on it, otherwise, Justice League is way too simple, too light from critics' perspective. 
Justice League villain (Steppenwolf)  needs some extra motivation of why he needed to take over the Earth. He is just a very bad dude without clear motivation. perhaps, it is another version of Incubus and Enchantress. they have the same problem. Likewise, Critics perhaps did't see the motivation among Justice League member, why they were coming together, save the world together. It is need more explanation. Fortunately, the casts of Justice League have a quite good chemistry. they were in a good form of potraying their characters. Ben Affleck (Batman), Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Ezra Miller (The Flash), and Ray Fisher (Cyborg), they did it all. besides, In Justice League,we've seen the best performance from Henry Cavill as Superman so far in DCEU. Overall, they performed their best despite the weakness of its story.
Theatrical cut is a serious problem in DCEU. It has been being occured from BvS to Justice League. the filmmakers (Zach Snyder and Josh Whedon) had done their best to create the best story for DCEU in just a few movies. but, they were pushed to do it under 2 hours on each movie. consequently, the plot of the stories is unclear, and there are some of the important scenes weren't showed in theatrical release. perhaps, it is the source of the first two problems (complexity and motivation). 
Despite all of those problems in Justice League, I think DCEU is on the right track with Justice League release. It is getting better time after time compared to BvS and Suicide Squad. We Just have to wait until DCEU prevail and become one of the best cinematic universes. 
I gave the score 7.5 for Justice League. Ranked as the second best movie in DCEU behind Wonder Woman movie.

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