Saturday 26 December 2015

Star Wars Episode VII Review : Bringing Back Hope for A New Generation

Regarding to the appearance of Indonesian actors potrayed Kanjiklub, as an Indonesian fellow I appreciate it very much. It is huge stepping stone for Indonesian motion picture generally, and of course for 3 of them as international actors.
Overall, for The Star Wars Episode VII, first of all I do really appreciate what J.J Abrams has done to this "saga". The director grown up as a fans of Star Wars. Therefore he really knows what all of Star Wars fans really wants. Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, and Oscar Isaac are the real deal, these are the great discovery, and I can be so sure the bright future is ahead of them. as the new characters, Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren, and Poe Dameron are really unique characters. unlike the prequel (Episode 1, 2, 3), I didn't see any dissapointed or hugely crap new character like Jar Jar Binks.
J.J. Abrams built Rey's characters as an Enigma One on this latest trilogy of Star Wars. The background of Rey's characters will be waited by a lot of Star Wars audience. Dozens of questions await her, such as who she really is ? what is the relationship beetween her and Luke Skywalker ? Why does She feel the force ? etc.

Saturday 12 December 2015

Star Wars: The Space Opera with Mythical Proportion

It began with a"Simple tale" between "Good vs Evil", Star Wars has transformed became "Space opera" with thousand of morality passage. Passage that came from spiritual, civilization, history, and epic heroic story of those myth ever written around the world. the last point mentioned is the most common value  that inspired this story of galactic wars. each scene and each character are isnpired by the myth.
Star Wars began to be written by George Lucas in the 70' where the world condition including United States were in turmoil. Desperation was spreaded accross the globe where the oil price rose over the top and "Watergate" scandal made President Richard Nixon signed is resignation. Instantly US and The World are ini hopeless situation. Psycological condition of society became blurred to separate things whether it was right or not.
Star Wars story that came to the middle of society was inspired by  various myths. Values that contained on those myths are how to separate beetween right and wrong generally, on the other words "Good vs Evil"
The 1st edition of Star Wars (Episode IV):"a New Hope", told the simple story of the battle in Galaxy between "Good vs Evil". On the following episodes, Star Wars became richer in planted values of philosophy, history,spiritual dan of course myth.
According Dr. Joan Breton Connelly, Fine Art Professor of New York University; "what is so interesting about approaching The Star Wars cycle is very much like an archaeologycal excavation, on the surface everyone can say "Excalibur" when people saw the Light Saber, if you go to deeper level when came to the death star, it may referring to the journey of Oddyseus into The Underworld "
Every myth that was being shown in Star Wars taugh us how human to behave properly, how to conduct others people and of course ourselves, and how to separate "right" and "wrong".
Star Wars filled with a lot of mhytical nuances, came from relation of the writter George Lucas with the historian from University of Colombia, Joseph Campbell. He is the one who wrote "The Hero With a Thousand Faces". this book was spreaded accross United States and become the reference of a lot of Universities in US.  this book of course had been red George Lucas. The insight of this book is how the civilizations accross the globe have their own myth stories with the different characters, yet those have the similarity of the value. On his  Dr. Campbell said that myth is the metafor of human experiences on their lives". Dr. Jonathan Young, Curator from "Joseph Campbell Archives" said that Dr. Joseph Campbell himself  was inspired by the idea of the Psycholog Carl Jung that said human processed visual experiences where it is go deeper creating fantastic idea that overwhelmed the real experiences. that the myth is all about.
George Lucas who implementedthose things to the visual art of Star Wars really practiced the theories from Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung properly. It had been proven with much thing of story proportion that deeply influenced by the myth.

"Hero With a Thousand Faces"

1. Heroic Journeys
On each beginning of Star Wars trilogy, either Episode IV, V, VI (1977-1983), or those prequel Episode I, II, III (1999-2005) , told the story of transtitioning process of common people like Luke Skywalker, or the slave like Anakin Skywalker. those two men were transformed became heroes, even the two of them did not expect becoming "Heroes" in Galaxy.
Luke & Anakin Skywalker
These two men had strugled to rise the good side of themselves and tried to stay away from the dark side of themselves, even later Anakin Skywalker failed to avoid the dark side and choosed it. The journey of Anakin Skywalker ended tragically because of his arrogance, fear, and lust. those characters lead him to the dark side and became Darth Vader.

Tuesday 1 December 2015

What did we See on Trailer 1 "Captain America:Civil War"

The 1st trailer of "Captain America: Civil War" had been released on 25th November 2015. A lot of questions emerge from the viewer and of course from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. How will the conflict between Captain America v Iron Man look like ? and what about the elements of surprise on this trailer ? Speaking of "surprise" on this trailer, there were couple of unpredicted things, and of course we may not realize it yet. Here are some easter eggs on the 1st trailer "Captain America: Civil War"
1. Sokovia Accords
Sokovia Accords, the protocol whose been shown on the trailer of "Civil War" is the main thing that exploding the conflict on this movie. Sokovia Accords is the policy ("Joining Act") created by joining world government to supervise the movement of The Avengers. After the destruction took place in New York (Avengers 1), Washington DC ("Captain America:The Winter Soldiers"), and Sokovia (Avengers 2), The Avengers often considered as the most responsible side of the destructions in these cities, regardless of saving millions of lifes. Tony Stark believes that the Government should  controlling The Avengers and another heroes to make sure that they could be a savior rather than be a bad guy who make a destruction. On the other hand, Steve Rodgers believe that Government control is unnecessary and Steve said that everytimes he believes to the government a lot of innocent people dead. These two contradictive ideas are becoming a trigger of the conflict between Iron Man's side and Captain America's side.