Tuesday, 1 December 2015

What did we See on Trailer 1 "Captain America:Civil War"

The 1st trailer of "Captain America: Civil War" had been released on 25th November 2015. A lot of questions emerge from the viewer and of course from Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. How will the conflict between Captain America v Iron Man look like ? and what about the elements of surprise on this trailer ? Speaking of "surprise" on this trailer, there were couple of unpredicted things, and of course we may not realize it yet. Here are some easter eggs on the 1st trailer "Captain America: Civil War"
1. Sokovia Accords
Sokovia Accords, the protocol whose been shown on the trailer of "Civil War" is the main thing that exploding the conflict on this movie. Sokovia Accords is the policy ("Joining Act") created by joining world government to supervise the movement of The Avengers. After the destruction took place in New York (Avengers 1), Washington DC ("Captain America:The Winter Soldiers"), and Sokovia (Avengers 2), The Avengers often considered as the most responsible side of the destructions in these cities, regardless of saving millions of lifes. Tony Stark believes that the Government should  controlling The Avengers and another heroes to make sure that they could be a savior rather than be a bad guy who make a destruction. On the other hand, Steve Rodgers believe that Government control is unnecessary and Steve said that everytimes he believes to the government a lot of innocent people dead. These two contradictive ideas are becoming a trigger of the conflict between Iron Man's side and Captain America's side.

2. Saving Bucky Barnes
On this trailer Bucky Barnes had been shown. He was Steve Rodgers's partner on the WWII, later he was becoming Bionic-man after being kidnapped by Hydra on the edition of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier".
On this scene, Steve Rodgers and Sam Wilson (Falcon) tried to save Bucky alive from the siege of the special force who was being ordered by "Sokovia Accords". Steve and Sam had died trying  to save Bucky. When the fight between Captain America and Iron Man was on,  it was clearly been seen that Bucky Barnes is holding the key on "Civil War" after his involvement in Hydra. besides, on the comic version, Bucky was the one who killed Howard Stark (Tony Stark's father).

3. The Incoming of Black Panther
Black Panther will start his campaign on "Marvel Cinematics universe" on this movie, on the previous movie, his kingdom "Wakanda" was mentioned on "Avengers 2: Age of Ultron". Wakanda is the fictional kingdom with his vibranium resource. The mineral element which was triggering a conflict between The Avengers and Ultron. The confrontation and exploitation occurred in Wakanda would become a trigger on the incoming of Prince Wakanda. On "Civil War" Black Panther likely will choose Iron Man's side. It could be seen when Black Panther is trying to get Bucky Barnes.  

4. The Return Brock Rumlow (Cross Bones)
Brock Rumlow is one of the Hydra member that tried to sneak as Shield member on the edition of "Captain America: The Winter Soldier". In the end of that movie Rumlow was hit by a big explotion and the ruins of the building after a fight against Falcon, fortunately, he managed to survive even though he was wounded so bad. On this  "Civil War" edition, Rumlow will return on the "Cross Bones" costume just like on the Comic version.

5. Jendral Thunderbolt Ross is taking control
General Thunderbolt Ross returns on MCU after last time seen on "The Incredible Hulk". On "The Incredible Hulk" General Ross obsessed with super serum "Super Soldier" where in the comic General Ross was turned and becoming "Red Hulk". He become the equal rival of Bruce Banner' Hulk. One certain thing on "Civil War", General Ross will become an enforcer of "Sokovia Accords" implementation.

There are a lot more  "Easter Eggs" beside the 5 things mentioned on the above, such as the incoming of  Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel or Doctor Strange on this movie. the next trailer indeed will make The Avengers 2.5 worth to be waited.
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