Monday, 1 February 2016

The Origins Story: Deadpool


Just like a several comic characters, One of the finest Marvel's characters Deadpool in particular, he was reimagened with different character's past. For this time, the focus of his origin came from comic published by Marvel Comic in 2008 "Deadpool : Wade Wilson's War".
Deadpool : Wade Wilson's War (2008)
The alter ego of deadpool is Wade Wilson, he came from the military family. He has abusive military father and abandoned by his father, soon after, his mother died with cancer.
His father got killed by Wade's friend when his father attempted to end the drinking session at a night club.Left by his booth parents,he joined to the military corps for a short time before being kicked out of the service due to a bad behavior.
He was diagnosed with cancer stage 4 and then he looked for the cure, then he was offered to become a participant of "Super Human Project" (Government Secret Weapon X program) which this program had the origin from "Super Soldier Program" during The WWII, and Captain America was one of the participant.
He underwent the procedur to rise the natural healing ability. unfortunately, that procedure made the cancer spreaded out through his body and he suffered some neurological damages. The target for "The Project Secret weapon X" itself was to create a super human spy, but the neurological and physical damages on Wade Wilson forced him to be prisoned by the government. During that period he found the natural healing ability was activated but he still remain scared and mentally unstable. Use his natural healing and power ability he could espace from that jail.
Unable to live in normal life, and according to his past experience as a former soldier he became a mercenary. Wade self proclaimed himself as "Deadpool" due to his experience to survive from the deadly experiment.
Neurological damages on his brain made him lost his memory from his past as Wade Wilson and he retained the deadly skills set of some martial arts and various weapons expertise.
Deadpool has been known for his chaotic and improved fighting style, yet his deadly waepon is none other than his mouth as he could speak bold, and speak nothing but nonsense.
Deadpool character itself made his first appearance on the "X-Men Origins:Wolverine" (2009) and finally will make his first chance as a lead character on "Deadpool" in February 2016.    

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