Tuesday, 2 February 2016

5 of The Biggest American Sporting Events You Should Enjoy to Watch in Your Life

United States is big, not only as the nation but also in sporting show, they have some of the biggest and the most competitive sporting competitions with long of history and tradition, that competitions or the leagues have also its biggest event, combining the high intensity of competition level, entertainment, and big spectacle. American sports are worth to be watched, and of course watching those live is the best option.
This is 5 of the biggest American sporting events you should watch in your entire life.

#5 Wrestlemania
This annual event has a lot of nicknames, "Grandest Stage of Them All" "The Showcase Of The Immortals", The Show of Shows". This is the combination of Wrestling as a sport and entertainment.  Wrestlemania has submitted its legacy in the top Five Sporting Events/Brands which have a great Value and produce millions of dollars. Wrestlemania contested an some of Iconic Main Events such as Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels, The Rock vs Stone Cold, JohnCena Vs The Rock, Triple H vs Sting, and many more. Everytime Wrestlemania were held in Stadium, it always gathers huge attendance, such as WM III when this event was by attended by 93.173 spectators at Pontiac Silverdome, Detroit, Michigan. that was one of the world's biggest indoor stadium record attendance.
WrestleMania 29 Atmosphere

#4 The NBA Finals
The NBA Finals not only bring out the best basketball player but also some of the famous celebrities on the stand. the best of seven series are true spectacle. Attending all the playoffs games in the best of seven series is a blast and thrill. You will experience that blast and thrill two weeks. Every NBA Finals are memorable and always create a whole new history each year, legends were born, legacies were made, and dynasties were reings when Lary bird, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry made their glory on their primes.
NBA Finals : Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

#3 NCAA Football Rose Bowl
American Football is the most favourite sports in USA, is it is just a big deal for the people to watch such an amazing games including the rose bowl, rose bowl is the grandaddy of the bowl series.The Rose Bowl is nicknamed "The Granddaddy of Them All" because it is the oldest bowl game. It was first played in 1902, and has been played annually since 1916. Since 1945, it has been the highest attended college football bowl game. It is a part of the Tournament of Roses "America's New Year Celebration," which also includes the historic Tournament of Roses Parade. Being held in legendary Pasadena massive stadium, over 80.000 fans were watching. You will se the future NFL players play in Rose Bowl 

Rose Bowl Aerial Coverage

#2 The World Series (Fall Classic)
Baseball is the sports that culturally important throughout American History. his sports is one of the most important sports is US. MLB is the major league of baseball in US. Its biggest and finest event is The World Series. First played in 1903, The World series is the most important event in baseball. just like NBA Finals, this is another best of seven finals sensation, the different happens when this event are held on the bigger arena with bigger spectacles. As the series is played in October (and occasionally November), during the autumn season in North America, it is often referred to as the Fall Classic.

Kansas City Royals Won The World Series

#1 The Superbowl
Super bowl is one of he most wacthed sporting event not only in US, but also around the world. Superbowl is the great shared TV experience. It has the most expensive value of all kind of sports including the advertising, and the music show during the half time. There non-other feeling than cheering alongside thousands of others american football fans when two of the best NFL time fight against each other every year. You will see the rivalry especially among legendaries QB were born, such as Tom Brady from New England Patriots against Eli Manning from New York Giants or against Peyton Manning from Indianapolis Colts/Denver Croncos. It is the highest sporting competition in profesional sports and also the stage for the big artists and musicians ever known to show their talent on the halftime show. Superstars such as BeyoncĂ©, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Katty Perry, Bruno Mars, Sir Paul McCartney had performed their best performance on the Superbowl Halftime Show.

Superbowl 49 : New England Patriots vs Seattle Seahawks

Katy Perry at Superbowl 49 Halftime Show

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