Sunday 28 February 2016

Road to Wrestlemania 32: What did Just Happen on WWE Fastlane - Part 2

#5. Big Show, Kane and Ryback vs The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper, Eric Rowan and Braun Strowman) with Bray Wyatt

This is what happened when WWE had no idea about storyline for some of the big time players on ground. I still don't know exactly what was this match for. There are no big picture behind them that could bring this match and make this match worthed. WWE Universe may sick and get bored to see some of the clumsy superstars playing on PPV without any strong storyline. for The Wyatt Family it was a terrible as WrestleMania 32 is coming closer. I thought there would be some big plan in the end of the match, but we found nothing on it, the match was end and just like that. this match was Rated-below average.

#4. Charlotte with (Rick Flair) vs Brie Bella for The WWE Divas Championship

This match should be rated-average match. WWE used the opportunity of Daniel Bryan's retirement as the background of the match. It was little effective to attract the fans but not quite to impress them. We still should appreciate what Brie Bella did on this match and his intention to bring Daniel Bryan spirit on this match which is quite good worth to be respected. This match ended with Charlotte won the match. for Charlotte itself that was good for his campaign to bring Divas Championship to be defended on WrestleMania for the first time in history because finally we find someone talented to defend it on the grandest stage.

#3. AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho

This might be the match that all of the WWE Universe had been waiting for on that night alongside the triple threat main event. perhaps it was not the first  match between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho on WWE, but it is the first match for them on WWE PPV event. the dream match was just happened on WWE PPV, finally. We saw a god and I'm sure convincing performance from both of them, they are both had a god chemistry to deliver a 4 star match. It doesn't matter who the winner was, I'm sure nobody concern about that. as WrestleMania coming closer, hopefully WWE still maintain this rivalry until the grandest stage coming. Because it will be a reason for WWE universe to watch this year's Mania. WWE should added a Championship match on, Intercontinental championship will be the best stipulation.

#2. Curtis Axel (with Heath Slater, Adam Rose and Bo Dallas) vs R-Truth
Seriously, this was a rubbish an unimportant match to be brought to WWE Universe, moreover when WrestleMania 32 is coming closer.  The promo involved Edge, Christian and The New Day still better than this match, the match between Calisto vs Alberto Del Rio should have been put and replaced this creepy match. I don't know why exactly WWE booked this match. everybody wanted to skip this match.

#1. Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose Vs Brock Lesnar

This was the match that all of WWE universe have been waiting all night long. even we could predict the big picture after the match, we still want an element of surpise came. Yes it was one hell of a match, these three superstars performances was great. we saw the domination from Brock Lesnar and we saw the reunion on the Shield when they were teaming up to beat Brock, we saw another confrontation between the brother in arm (Reigns and Ambrose). This had been a dynamic match for quite a short main event. We enjoyed it, yet the result wasn't quite enjoyable. The result is predictable and of course the fans were booing this. we saw that in the end of that match. every hardcore fans expected no one but Roman Reigns to lose. It was the just the formality match for Reigns to continue his campaingn to challange Triple H for WWE World Heavyweight Championship. In the end we should appreciate the performance of these three men, yet we still hope either Dean Ambrose or Brock Lesnar to be added on WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at Mania.

At the end of this PPV, I saw this is not quite good PPV for WrestleMania campaign. WWE did something unimportant on this PPV and waste some of the talents and the results, there are some mismatch and misplace.  I saw a good option for WrestleMania main event, but we still can catch some better even the best plan for WrestleMania this year to make that as the best and record- breaking crowd WrestleMania.

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