Saturday, 27 February 2016

What did We See on Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Part 2

Daredevil Sason 2 trailer part 2 had been released on the 25th of February 2016. There is a lot of thing that we saw on that scene. We can't miss about specific things on it. Even though part 2 trailer was more focused on Electra, there are a lot more key scenes that we shouldn't miss.
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This trailer was of course the continuation from part 1 trailer when it was ended with the encounter between Electra and Matt Murdoch, on this scene we saw Electra was attempting to seduce Matt to join her. We still don't know exactly what is all about. One thing for sure, this is about her involvement with the Hand, a Japanese ninja syndicate whose posses black magic and Electra is one of the member of that syndicate. The Hand itself has the mission or intention to bring the balance, where there is a peace, there should have been a war.
On another scene we saw a men wearing a black mask when The Hand was emerged. the biggest possibility of the man behind that mask is Nobu. On Daredevil season 1 we saw Nobu was been killed by Daredevil, and he was burned and dead. How is the return of Nobu possibly happening ? the answer is because Nobu is one of the meber of The Hand whose posses black magic, and one of that magic is resurrection ability. so there is a possibility that once again Nobu will face Daredevil once again.
The Hand's Member; Nobu
The next scene we saw Daredevil and Electra is standing in front of giant pit. That pit is possibly become the place when something is somehow will emerge. and that thing could probably the Beast. As we know, the Best is such a demon who possesesses black magic. He is a master of the black magic, therefore, he is the grandmaster of the Hand syndicate. On this season we may see the ultimate villain whom Daredevil, The Punisher, and Electra will fight.
Another thing featured on this trailer are the new costume of Daredevil with more specific detail such as a chessplate, and red lights on the google if Daredevil's mask. We saw Daredevil finally uses his billy club to swing from one building to another building, we saw. We saw a revelation of Electra costum although it was perhaps her first concept. the last thing was the return of Stick, he also will be the key figure of the confrontation between Daredevil's side and the Hand.
Daredevil season 2 will be released on March 18th 2016 and we just can't wait to see this.

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