Monday, 15 February 2016

What did We Just see on Batman v Superman Final Trailer ?

Last Friday, Batman v Superman trailer #3 had finally arrived. This is I think the best trailer on the installment, way more compelling than the 2nd and the 1st. 
The trailer was opened with Batman out from the batwing and Alfred controlling The Batwing on the distances, kinda like a drone. We've seen that now Alfred Pennyworth has more important and crucial role than just to take care of Bruce Wayne.
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Alfred controlling The Batwing

Batman on this franchise is old. he is around 40+ years old aproaching 50 years, yet he is still looked badass. This condition is different than Christian Bale's Batman version. on Christian Bale version Batman was about 35+ years old. On Ben Affleck's Batman, Batman is more powerful, even he doesn't have any superpower. We feel that he is larger than life material.

                                Bruce : "I'm getting slow on my old age, Alfred"
                                Alfred : "Even you got too old to die young not for lack of trying"

40+ years old Bruce Wayne

We've seen a whole new Batman fighting style, fast and brutal. It just like the MMA fighting style. It is describing the background of Bruce Wayne as the expert of numbers of martial arts. We've just being offered a whole new genre of Superhero fighting style whom we've never seen that on any single scene of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige as the executive producer of MCU should be worry about that. 

New Batman's Fighting Style
On the next scene Bruce Wayne met with Princess Diana/Wonder Woman and we've seen they were talking each other for the first time. On another scene we've seen that Clark Kent is now living together with Louis Lane. Lex Luthor become the mastermind of the showdown between Batman v Superman, and Lex called that showdown as the greatest gladiator match on the history of the world.
One thing that you may have missed that when Batman was on the wide area of the ruined Metropolis or Gotham city, we saw the symbol of Darkseid. Darkseid himself is one of the most finest villain on DC universe. That might be the spoiler of Darkseid's appearance on this movie or on the incoming sequel.
Left: Darkseid logo in the middle of the field                                          Right: Darkseid logo on his chest

The last scene of that trailer we saw the showdown between Batman and Superman. We saw Batman was using grenade launcher and it wouldn't do much. The next thing, and perhaps emerging a lot of questions when we saw Batman blocked a punch from Superman. Of course there are numbers of potential explanation. The most possible answer are; The Batsuit was built from The Cryptonite material or maybe Superman already being hit with The Cryptonite just before it.
We've seen this trailer on the ideal proportion, yet make our excitment increased as the movie will be coming on March 2016.

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