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Financial Damage of Marvel Cinematic Universe Battles Compared to Real-life Events

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In Captain America: Civil War Trailer 2, It has been revealed that General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross showed to the Avengers' member some fact about fatalities (Financial damage and Casualties) from the recent tragedy involved the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. Those tragedies are New York Chitauri Attack, Hydra's attack at S.H.I.E.L.D's headquarter in Washington DC and Sokovia Battle which involved the Avengers and Ultron.
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Those several tragedies were bringing the damage either physically or financially. Regardless of physical damage, In New York's Chitauri attack, It was estimated that this tragedy absorbed USD 18.8 billions of financial damage. Washington tragedy at S.H.I.E.L.D's headquarter absorbed USD 2.8 billions of financial damage, meanwhile; Sokovia Battle was estimated absorbed USD 474 billions of financial damage, the biggest among these three tragedies. 

Financial Damage
Sokovia Battle (Sokovia)
$ 474 Biilions
2011 Tōhoku Earthquake (Japan) 
$ 300 Biilions
Sichuan Earthquake (China)
$ 148 Biilions
Great Hanshin Earthquake  (China)
$ 103 Biilions
Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill (USA)
$ 100 Biilions
Hurricane Katrina (USA)
$ 45 Biilions
Yangtze River Floods (China)
$ 26 Biilions
9/11 Terrorist Attack (USA)
$ 21 Biilions
New York Chitauri Attack (USA)
$ 18.8 Biilions
Chernobyl Disaster (Ukraine)
$ 15 Biilions
S.H.I.E.L.D Hedquarter Collapse (USA)
$ 3 Biilions
                                          Source(Without MCU’s Tragedies): Wikipedia

If we were compared these three devastated tragedies against some of the big real-life tragedies, these three tragedies occurred in Marvel Cinematic Universe are in the top of the list among them. Sokovia Battle is on the top list with the biggest financial damage compared to the real-life disasters. Sokovia Battle caused more financial damage than 2011 Japan earthquake or Sichuan earthquake in China. It happened because the disaster is causing a whole city flew before it was destroyed by vibranium impact. The fatalities and financial damage after this event are huge. From economics perspective, millions of Sokovians are homeless, home, government buildings, school, public place, event a whole city suddenly disappear. Moreover, the disappear location is Sokovia’s capital city and it had a dense population. Luckily, Sokovians were managed to be evacuated. Therefore, the numbers of unemployment in Sokovia would be skyrocket. The unemployment phenomenon is increasing the level on inflation without people’s capability to reach such a high inflation. Also, high numbers of insurance claims would impacted the balance of financial institution.
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Another major disaster ever happened in Marvel Cinematic Universe was New York Chitauri Attack. This invasion took place in the first Avengers movie. This event was estimated absorbed USD 19 billions. Compared to the real life disasters, New York battle was slightly below 9/11 terrorist attack (USD 21 billions) took place in very same city and higher than Chernobyl tragedy (USD 15 billions). When we compared New York Chitauri Attack with 9/11 terrorist attack in very same city as a standard to seek the aftermath from economics perspective, New York Chitauri attack would almost have as same financial damage and physical damage as 9/11 tragedy. The first time being in the early months of World War I, the second time being March 1933 during the great depression and the third time being was in 2001 during the terrorist attack at World Trade Center. the rest of stock markets such as Nasdaq and the others stock markets in the world such as The London Stock Exchange could have been closed and evacuated in fear of follow-up Chitauri attack. The GDP either from New York City or Washington which mainly focused on cities' export economy sector would be estimated to have declined around USD 10 billions each month.  
In booth accidents either New York Chitauri attack or Washington tragedy at S.H.I.E.L.D' headquarter, USD could have been falling sharply against Euro and British Pounds due to national security issue. The panicking situations could have been continued and impacted the rest of the world. From the real-life 9/11 tragedy itself, European stock markets fell sharply, stock market fell 4.6% in Spain, -8.5% in Germany, and -5.7% on the London Stock Exchange. This exact same impact could have been happened either in New York chitauri attack and Washington tragedy.
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The national Security was being an issue during 9/11 tragedy, thereby the homeland security spending was increased significantly. Tragedies of New York chitauri attack and Washington battle would increase the homeland security spending as well. That is why the US government in Marvel Cinematic Universe is focusing to reduce the impact from the battles involving The Avengers by creating Sokovia Accords to minimize either Financial Damage or Collateral Damage that no one could predict. Based on the economic issue and beyond those are the predict and the comparison of major MCU battles involving The Avengers could make some reason for Sokovia Accords' reinforcement.
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