Sunday, 6 March 2016

How do we feel as Jennifer Lawrence Guides us Aboard The International Space Station ?

Breathtaking and awe-inspiring. This is how we feel when we are watching the trailer of "A beautiful Planet". A documentary movie initiated by IMAX and with cooperation with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). We will see some beautiful and unique insight into our planet. This is in my opinion such a great documentary that will inspire generations as we are brought to the International Space Station (ISS) to see the perspective of being an astronaut, the beauty and the greatness of our own planet.
The trailer was released on YouTube and it is such a stunning point of view and amazing vantage point of our planet. The documentary directed by Tony Myers aboard us to the International Space Station from the astronauts point of view and the best part of being an astronaut. We will be guided as we heard some beatiful narrations from the astronauts and the special narration from one of the most beautiful vision that earth has
to offer; Jennifer Lawrence.
The beautiful and unique voice from The Hunger Games diva will guide us exploring around the upper earth's atmosphere. She will guide us to see inside the station when the astronauts establish life supporting systems at the station lying around the planet. We will also see a stunning footage of significantly changing earth’s surface "thanks" to the human exploration, the impact of our work to the environment, witness the acompishment of our work when we work together healing our planet. The view of electricity blaze around the earth and surrounding almost seven continents at night. It is so bright, colorful and overwhelmingly beautiful. Some of natural phenomenon are the things that we wouldn't miss; the vision of aurora borealis is one of them. 
This movie brings us to see inside of our world from the above and also outside our world with the showcase of millions beautiful stars, gain knowledge of our galaxy from ISS’point of view, develops a deeper connection to the place that we all call home. The jouney of earth exploration is the most special among them.
The ending of this trailer is all about an expantion and the possibility of what we can do as a human nowadays and of course in the future.

This voyage will begin to be released on April 29th 2016 on IMAX and IMAX 3d theater. Hopefully this inspiring movie will be released globally regarding to the positive impact received by the viewer, a whole new perspective, how we should treat our planet, how it feels to be an astronaut.


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