Saturday 5 March 2016

Super(heroes)Villains Origins: The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad recently becomes a new phenomenon on Superhero Movies. The Squad would be on the screen this year. Huge expectation and spotlight are on them. This is a breakthrough on this genre because the concept is completely new and compelling. For the first time we will see some of the baddest villain characters ever in the comic but act as the heroes to save the world. The question is; who is the Suicide Squad really is ? and what kind of the version of the squad on the comic book version ? there are a lot of vesions of the Suicide Squad on the comic ad they had endured some major changed of the member’s compositions year after year since the Suicide Squad was introduced in 1959.
In the 1959’ version, the squad was a Secret Government Project “Task Force X”. The Suicide Squad on this version had four members, they all is the ones who manage to survive through  the adversity during the their duty on each of every single job they had.  Colonel Rick Flag the leader of the squad had seen all of the airforce members perished during an aerial combat, he was the only one who survived. Military nurse Karen Grace had manage to survive from the storm disaster in sea and saved a wounded soldier who almost drowned. Meanwhile Jess Bright and astronomer Hugh Evans survived from a catastrophic  nuclear test. Together they were on a team to fight such  a strange menaces as they were sending a pre-historic monster to the sun orbital.
The Suicide Squad 1st Appearance ©DC Comics
The Suicide Squad got a radical change in 1987 DC Comics Book when the members of the squad changed significantly. This new squad was put together by Amanda Waller, yet this squad was still led by Colonel Rick Flag. This was becoming a new beginning of radical change when the members of the squad were consisted from some of the bad criminals/super villains such as the flashes Captain Boomerang,  the magical The Enchantress, the marksman Deadshot, the martial arts master Ron’s Tiger and the scientist that mentally unstable Blockbuster. They became volunteers to make things right such as tried to eliminate a monster called  Grimstone. To make it sure they followed an order, they were being fitted with the explosive bracelets so if anyone attempted to plead would be killed immediately.  On this version, the members on the squad are changed frequently due to the numbers of death suffered by the members of the squad and it became a truly definition of Suicide Squad.
In 2001, The squad had received another major change. The setup was the same where villains were gathered by the government  to be volunteers of some secret missions, yet this time the squad was lead by Sergeant Rock. He has a becround as a World War II hero on DC Comics.  In 2011, another major change happened on the Suicide Squad. Initiated as well by Amanda Waller, this squad was marking a new and modern version of suicide squad as we know today.  This squad is consisted of an infinity colorful of villain from all of the Comic books’ characters such as Colonel Rick Flag, Joker, Harley Quinn, Deadshot, Slipknot, The Enchantress, Katana, El Diablo, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang. Another villains that you’ve neve though like Reverse Flash, Poison Ivy, Kara Zor-El, Black Adam and Penguin had been becoming members of Suicide Squad.
Modern Suicide Squad ©DC Comics
We all know that DC is the best creator of some of the baddest villains on Comic Books ever.  When DC Comics and Warner Brothers have a project of DC Extended Universe to put some bad villains through together on the movie, we will finally see the excitement, craziness, and some heroic acts from some of those who unlikely Heroes.

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