Friday, 4 March 2016

5 Things Need to Happen on "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"

Batman v Superman movie that will be released by the end of this March. As the fans of these two ultimate superheroes off all time, we are hoping dozens of expectation on it. This movie is a decade in the making and such a dream comes true for all die hard fans of DC Comic fans. Everyone hopes this movie would give a new sensation in superhero movie genre and make this movie as an important trailblazer for several movies to come in DC Cinematic Universe. Here are 5 thing need to happen on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
#5. Joker's Appearance
We all know that Joker is the most beloved villain of all time. Something that all of the fans would be agree on it. Everytime Joker appears at Batman movie it always give a big impact, it always be positive for the Batman movie's rating. The Last time Joker was apprearing on The Dark Knight Rises, it gave a huge success. On this latest installment of Batman movie. Even though Joker will not  be the main villain on this movie, we still hope that Joker will appear at least as a cameo on this movie and come to strengthen the story either on Batman's past or future. The biggest possibility for Joker to come on this movie; He would appear as the one who killed Robin's Jason Todd or He could be Jason Todd itself who turned as Joker.

#4. Equal Screen Times for Both Heroes
Althought this movie is an installment to highlight the past and present story of Batman, honestly we want an equal screen times for both heroes. The main reason; after Man of Steel movie was ended, we want to see an aftermath story, not only from Bruce Wayne's perspective but also from Clark Kent as Superman. We want to see his responsibility as a hero and a journalist after some of the devastated days on Metropolis and Gotham. He should answer every doubtful question from every skeptical people including Bruce Wayne. Therefore; this condition will make the screen times from both character be equal. We doesn't want to see One of the hero overshadow the other.

#3. Batman Equalizes Superman in The Battle 
Batman v Superman is the biggest battle in comic book, as a character they both are strong. From the power we all know that Superman is more powerful than Batman with a god-like powers. yet; Batman/Bruce Wayne is one of the smartest characters/hero of all time, besides; He is mastering martial arts, combat tactical and hand-to-hand combatant expert. Batman is a man with complete package that makes him a hero. The Battle against Superman should be very equal regardless of Superman's demigod power. The Combat ability and his genius level intellect will neutralize Superman. We had seen it on the trailer, Batman could equalize Superman regardless Superman has god-like power.


#2 Wonder Woman Origin and The Justice League Assembled
Wonder Woman is confirmed to make his first appearance on DC Cinematic Universe Movie. this would be magnificent, every superhero fans both old school and new school would be glade to se it. It is an opportunity to make Wonder Woman as a whole new franchise on DC Cinematic Universe. She is the main pillar of Justice League and she would be one of the most important character of the Justice League movies campaingn for DC. therefore; Th origins story of wonder woman would be vey necessary. Althought Wonder Woman movie would be made soon after Batman v Superman, the origin story of her on a couple of scene will make a huge impression for Batman v Superman and several DC Cinematic Universe's Movie to come. The tagline of this movie is "Dawn of Justice". of course this is linked to the Warner Brother's plan to make some of the Justice League Movies. The founders of Justice League should make their appearance here. we want see Justice league to be assembled here, all of the Justice League founders should be introduced including Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash. their appearance would make a huge impression for the fans.

#1. Ben Affleck Overshadows Previous Batman's Casts
There are a lot of big actors potraying Batman, such as Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney and Christian Bale. The last name is regarded as the best actor who potrays it. Everyone hopes Christian Bale will continue his journey as Batman on this installment. yet, the studio and the actor had another plan. Christian Bale is no longer Batman. the torch passes on Ben Affleck, son after Ben Affleck was selected, almost everyone doesn't believe on him. It makes this movie almost on the edge of the faith. After the trailer was released by WB, we saw Ben Afflect pays the fans and the studio's  trust. We saw a convincing performance of Ben Afflect at least on the trailer. We all hope his great picture performance will continue on the silver screen as Batman v Superman will be released this March and he can overshadow previous Batman's casts. 


  1. I just hope there is some Batman penis to be seen...if not why do at all?

    1. That's rude man.. let see what will happen by the end of this March