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“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” Movie Review: a Good Time to Feel the Justice (League)

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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has been finally being released on the fourth week of March. It’s kind a bizarre time when all the people talk and watch this movie. It’s been years in the making. A lot of speculations, issues, and predictions about how this movie would go. However this one of the most anticipated movie and it has been finally here. Batman v Superman is one of the most wanted movie for couple of years. Dozens of hope and expectation were throwing through this movie. The question, how’s the movie ? there are a lot of things to answer this mighty question.  The first thing is, this movie isn’t very good, yet it isn’t bad thought. There is a lot of good things in this movie and also some bad things as this movie It was set-up to many stories and plots in just a single movie and so on.

The first thing that is quite good in this movie is the appearance of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman. I thing he is very clever to potray Bruce Wayne/Batman character. He is very fit to fulfill Zack Snyder's expectation on righteous huffy, brutal, unforgiving and “bad” Bat vigilante. He is quite fulfilling the comic books fans in potraying Bruce Wayne as this movie took a reference in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic book. Ben Affleck is really solid. He is phenomenal, 100 percent authentic. When Michael Keaton was weird potraying Bruce Wayne, Clooney was too clumsy, Christian Bale might have been a little bit theatrical, Ben Affleck is the new option of Bruce Wayne’s character.
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On the other hand, Henry Cavill did a decent job as Superman. He gave a good expectation to the viewer. However, his appearance did not exceed  fans’ expectation, nor exceeded his own performance in “Man of Steel”. Nevertheless, he still the best actor who potraying Superman In the modern era.
Jesse Eisenberg did a decent performance and might have been one of the best villain the performance to remember on DC Universe since Heath Ledger’s Joker. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is very good, fun, genius, young and dangerous at the very same time. The writers’ (Chris Terrio and David S. Goyer) concept about the new and fresh Lex Luthor was very compelling and gave some refreshment in this character. We are no longer saw the old, clumsy and bald Lex Luthor anymore. From my perspective, I Love to see Lex  Luthor set the whole thing up. Genius, unpredictable and cold blooded.
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Talk about the one who stole the show the middle of the brawl of Batman v Superman is Wonder Woman (Diana Prince). Potrayed by Gal Gadot as the former Israeli military combat trainer and Miss Universe beauty pageant participant, he is really representing the power of feminist. The persona, the action, even the soundtrack of her own are completely great. Everything wonderful on Wonder Woman’s side. Her convincing performance in this movie could influence the studio decision on her future standalone movie and her role in the Justice League. He may get more crucial position in DC Extended Universe.
The way of Zack Snyder to tease the members of Justice League is another good thing in this movie. I love the way of revealing these character one by one straight in the middle of this movie without creating some after-credit scene. We found that this movie is very super serious of superheroes movie, it is dark a many of strange plots (typically Zach Snyder’s movie) such as a dream sequence which might have been confusing casual viewers. This isn’t familiar superhero movie that all people know and couldn’t be compared with Marvel Cinematic Universe with its bright, direct plot action and humor typical. This is a superhero-political-humandkind action drama with 45 percents of actions, 55 percents are characters’ interactions.
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It's adult superhero movie every parent or adult people should reconsider themselves if they want to bring their children to watch this movie. Event for adult people themselves, it is uneasy to digest the messed up plot and story particularly for the casual viewers. It is inaccessible to them, they might don’t really understand some specific things, such as the opening movie scene that showed the closing moment of Man of Steal movie from Bruce Wayne’s perspective, the idea of the omega symbol during Bruce Wayne’s dream sequence which is a symbol of Darkseid. The one that explained by Lex Luthor in the end of the movie.
Beyond these all good stuffs, there are sort of things that most of people thought could have been avoided by this filmmaker, such as the sequence when the people could go off Wayne Enterprises’ building earlier during the battle of Metropolis on the opening scene and  Batman and Superman shouldn’t have been fighting if they were talking each other at least in 30 seconds conversation. The plot of this movie is kind of little bit messed up, this might be the side effect of trying to set up Justice League Movie in just being preceded by two movie including this movie. This effect makes the whole story looks like being contained by 3-4 movies /plots all along  in just a single movie.
Regardless of good and bad stuffs in Batman v Superman movie, this movie is okay to be enjoyed. This movie has also bringing a whole new concept of superhero as we know. We saw the drama, thriller, action package and indirect story telling all along on this superhero genre that we’ve never seen before. And it is unpredictable in the certain scene including the faith of Superman after fighting against Doomsday in the end of this movie. Finally we should enjoy and feel a breathe of relief as Warner Bros’ DC Extended Universe opens their own way as one the major player. This movie may not be perfect but we could tease and feel some great things to come.
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