Sunday, 12 June 2016

What Have Mankind Done to The Mother Earth in 3 Seconds of Their Existence

Have we realized that the age of our planet is 45 Billion years old, while the mankind, according to the reliable history book is just 40 thousand years old. if we change the perspective and the scale of the time being into 24 hours, we will find that our existence as mankind is just surprisingly 3 seconds. In just 3 seconds of 24 hours scale,
as Homo Sapiens we've done so many terrible things. We proudly named our existence "Homo Sapiens".Homo sapiens itself has a meaning "Wise Men". We establish so many civilization, we split the atom, build advance technology, landed on the moon, and try to expand our existence to the distance universe.
As we split the atom, we terribly create the nuclear disaster. Neglect our home with some of the environmental disasters while we die trying to expand our existence to the distance universe. We are smart creature but we cannot be wise enough to preserve our environment, even our existence for generations to come.
We see storms get more and more stronger, we see pollution get more and more carbonize our body, we find more and more trees get cut from its roots, we have increased the extinction of animals thousand times than a normal rate of extinction and no wonder if in the next couples of decade we will find  Tiger, Lion, Rhino, Elephant, Polar Beer in our future generations' "jungle book" and zootopia will be a memorial movie to remember those huge numbers of extinct animals who live longer than us. those of things are happened in just three seconds of our existence.
If we wise enough to realize or existence in this universe, we are the miracle. We are perfectly positioned in the very right position in this vast universe. we are very perfectly positioned to the sun which wouldn't make us get burned nor are we too distance that could make turned into ice.Is that coincident ? hell no, that is the miracle from the Mightiest Creature.
It is our duty to protect our Mother Nature from those who don't want to see the beauty of her. It is our duty to preserve the food, water, and all of those ingredients keep clean. It is our duty to protect the trees for the clean air, It is our duty to protect more and more species whose a life longer than us.
In the fourth second of our existence let us fix this world and give an apologize to the Mother Earth.

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