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Trailer 2 "Captain America: Civil War" 5 Major Easter Eggs Revealed

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Marvel Studio had released trailer 2 of Captain America: Civil War. There are a lot of surprises and further explanation about what is going to happen in "Captain America: Civil War" Movie such as the rising of underwater prison, Russian Military facilities, Spiderman's surprising first look, etc. A lot of hidden scenes make this trailer is very compelling to be analyzed thereby the background story of this civil war could be clear.

#5. The Underwater Prison Facility Emerges
This prison facility might have been developed by Superhero Registration Act (Sokovia Accords). The main purpose if this facility is to make this prison to be a concentration camp for
those who disobey Sokovia Accords. According to the comic books, this facility is used by Superhero Registration Act to dismantle the power of some of the dangerous people using the mind gem. This Prison also extends into negative zone or another dimension according to the Civil War comic books.
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#4.Definitive Numbers of The Major Accidents
On the early time of this trailer, General Thunderbolt Ross who is the chief of Sokovia Accords program, explain to the Avengers about the number of casualties and financial losses according to the major events involved The Avengers such as Chitauri Invasion in the middle of New York, S.H.I.E.L.D' headquarter collapsed in Washington DC and the recent tragedy of Sokovia Battle against the Ultron which caused the city disappeared. The numbers of casualties of the tragedy, 74 casualties and 18.8 billions USD of losses in New York's Chitauri Invasion, 23 casualties and 2,8 billions USD of losses  from S.H.I.E.L.D' collapsed in Washington DC, 177 casualties and 474 USD of losses from Sokovia tragedy. The total damages of those accidents are 274 casualties exceeding 495,6 billions USD. This is the most rational statement from General Ross to make Sokovia Accords program should executed.
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#3.Further Explanation of Black Panther's Background Story
This trailer reveals a little much about the background story of T'Challa (Black Panther). It might have been that T'Challa or another related people or his kingdom family were attending the event in UN' Assembly where the explosion suddenly happened on that event and The Winter Soldier (under the mind control of hydra) was the most responsible man for that tragedy. This reveals the background story of why Black Panther is chasing after the Winter Soldier and choose Iron Man's side to force the Sokovia Accords. beside, the exploitation of vibranium and conflict between The Avengers against The Ultron made the reasonable reason of Black Panther's involvement. Another scene reveals that Black Panther's suit is bulletproof, strong, yet flexible. That all happened because his suit is made of vibranium, the same material as Captain America's shield.
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#2. Hydra Facility in Russia and Potential Baron Zimo's Background story
Hydra yet making another major involvement including in this Civil War movie. This might have been the background story where The Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) was isolated at Hydra Facility in Russia or this might have been the further story after "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" where The Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes yet being isolated again at Hydra Facility. At the Battle between Iron Man, Captain America and the Winter Soldier at Hydra Facility, we've seen another people being isolated on the chamber aside them. This might be the first look of Baron Zimo, a new potential villain from hydra. The appearance of Baron Zimo himself as Kevin Feige stated, he would be the future major villain in the upcoming Marvel Cinematics Universe's movies.
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#1. The First, Fresh and New Look of Marvel Cinematics Universe's Spider-Man
Finally the most wanted appearance of the lovely hero on Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally arrived. Spider Man's Tom Holland reveals himself on the trailer. As Spider-Man looks like choosing Iron Man's side We finally saw some of the new features on Spider-Man's suit. His suit is might have been influenced by Tony Stark's technology. The most radical evolution came from his google, we saw a new mechanism of his google on booth eyes. It looks like following the mechanism of camera lens to make his vision fit perfectly either to see closely or widely. The whole new Spider-Man has also featured by mechanism web shooter's tech following the previous Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man but this version is featured another ammo to refill his spider web on his belt.
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There are some of the major reveals and easter eggs in trailer 2 Captain America: Civil War. There are a lot of things remain on this trailer to be revealed, such as the first look of Ant-Man where he is on Hawkeye's arrow to dismantle Iron Man's suit, Scarlet Witch controlling Vision's body, The Battle between Captain America against Iron Man then Captain America said "I Could do this all day" reminded us to Captain America's first movie.

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