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Who is Cable: The Man on the Upcoming Deadpool's Sequel

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On Deadpool (2016) after credit sequence, Deadpool was breaking the 4th wall and he said that he will feature Cable on the sequel. For those who read Marvel Comic’s books will know who he is. He is featured in various version of Marvel’s comics. Definitely, the most famous comic featured Cable is the spinoffs edition of Cable & Deadpool. The questions; who the hell is Cable A.K.A Nathan Summers ?
Cable A.K.A Nathan Summers  first time appeared on Vol. #1 Uncanny X-men (1986). He appeared on multiple continuities of the X-men franchise using his time travelling tech, he has telepathic and telekinetic powers. He was  a new born conceived by
Madeline Pryor, Scott Summers' wife. Madeline Pryor herself revealed as the clone of Scott Summers's first love  Jean Gray. Scott Summers met Medeline Pryor soon after Jean died on the moon, thereby, he assumed that Madeline is the reincarnation of Jean Gray. Disturbed by that fact, after they both had a child (Nathan) Madeline was angry and leaving Scotts along with her son. She brought her son and herself to Mr.Sinister.
Mr. Sinister is the creator of Madeline Pryor/Jean Gray's clone. Mr. Sinister create Madeline to take an advantage in the future so he could have a special breed/mutant from the combination  of Scotts Summer and Madeline Pryor as Jean Gray's clone. Along with Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister planted a technological virus into Nathan Summers's body to make him an evil strength. fortunately, before the virus was fully planted on Nathan Summer's body he could make a retaliation and aborting that virus. Known the virus is uncured in the present day, Nathan helped by an Askani Clan and took him into distance future (2000 years after the present day). In the distance future, Nathan was raised by mother Askani and she help Nathan to develop his telepathic and telekinetic abilities emerged from the techno virus.
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Had the ability to seize the virus on his body, he finally met apocalypse and destroying apocalypse once and for all. During his encounter against Apocalypse, Cable faced a mutant known as Stryfe. Stryfe himself is a clone of Nathan Summers. When Mother Askani brought Nathan to distance future, she cloned Nathan to preserve his body and to anticipated the possibility of Nathan's death. Soon after, Stryfe was kidnapped by Apocalypse and made Stryfe as his soldier. 
Confident with his skills, Nathan became the exterminator and vanishes couple of bad mutants in the past and future. On the another version of Marvel Comics, Cable has appeared of various X-Men titled spinoffs and media. His ability to travel through the time makes him possible to met a various characters on Marvel Comics. One of the most  famous spinoffs of Cable are when he met with Captain America, Falcon and Iron Man on The Avengers:X-Sanction (2011).  Lets not to forget his collaboration with Deadpool titled Cable & Deadpool began in 2004. The Collaboration between Deadpool and Cable continues as Deadpool declared himself that he will feature Cable on the sequel of his movie when he said that on the after credit scene and broke the 4th wall as usual.
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