Monday, 14 March 2016

WWE Roadblock Review: How far could This Event Change the Complexion of Wrestlemania 32 (Part2)

#4. Charlotte (WWE Divas Champion) (with Ric Flair) defeated Natalya
This match was an instant classic. one of the most wanted match in divas division for a tittle race. two of the most talented divas faced against each other in WWE Roadblock. For Charlotte himself, he once against proved himself as the tough divas champion before she goes to WrestleMania. Defeated Natalya as one of the most talented diva was a legit. Defeated Natalya via rollup pin fall was a good scenario for WWE. at least it keeps the rivalry between Charlotte and Natalya remains on a surface. Charlotte keeps her path to WrestleMania remain on a balance, meanwhile Natalya still rebuilt her reputation after her long absence in WWE roster.

#5. Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) defeated The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper)
Luke Harper was completely sent to Suplex City as Bray Wyatt left him outside the city. This the most appropriate tagline for this match. This match was once scheduled for a singles match between Brock Lesnar against Bray Wyatt. WWE suddenly changed the plan and I thought this was a right decision. As Bray Wyatt left this match without any single fight against Lesnar, this left a new plot hole on script. It mean, the rivalry Between Lesnar and Wyatt could still be continued until WrestleMania is coming. The match between Lesnar and Wyatt in Mania is much better than Lesnar against Ambrose due to the rivalry involved Lesnar and Wyatt Family since Royal Rumble last January 2016. It is better for Lesnar to take revenge of unfinished business against Wyatt in WrestleMania and Ambroso could still focus to force Triple Threat match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship title.

#6. Sami Zayn defeated Stardust
Samy Zayn had finally returned in WWE PPV after his long injury. His winning against Stardust in this event was a good statement for him to once again become a potential future WWE superstar. After this match, he could continue his rivalry against Kevin Owens for The WWE Intercontinental Championship match. This championship match should be held in WrestleMania. Some additional opponents is also good idea. Include Stardust on that match is also an ideal scenario. We all know Cody Rhodes/Stardust is talented wrestler and he deserves it. The match between Sami Sayn between Stardust itself perhaps not quite good. Lack of encounter against each other perhaps is the main issue, yet they still deserve a big picture in WrestleMania

#7. Triple H (WWE World Heavyweight Champion) defeated Dean Ambrose
Many people predicted Triple H would once again prevail and survive from Dean Ambrose. but who knew that this match would have such these controversial issue and drama to be left. This Match was amazing, Dean Ambrose showed his natural and lunatic resilience and Triple H showed us that he still a Cerebral Assassin. reversal after reversal, kick out after kick out, and a controversial pin fall when the referee was denying the 3rd count when Dean Ambrose's foot touched the rope. Ambrose almost won, WWE Universe were surprised and couldn't believe including Ambrose himself. Capitalized the situation, Triple H manipulated Dean Ambrose and once again walk out WWE World Heavyweight Champion. However; Triple H's winning this time wasn't legitimate. Overall this match was amazing and due to this situation, WWE left a plot hole and possibility for Ambrose to be added on WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match in Wrestlmania32. As WWE Roadblock had ended, the hope is still exist for hardcore fans to see Dean Ambrose at WWE World title match. It is an ideal composition as Triple H representing company's heel, Roman Reigns representing company's face, and Dean Ambrose representing hardcore fans' face.

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