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DC & Marvel Copycat Characters

Many people said that US' Comic Books are just two of a kind, because there are two major players on that creative business. Those are Marvel and DC. These two comic books publisher powerhouses oftenly create character after character either heroes or villains. When DC created a character, Marvel was countering it with another character. On the certain case, when those case happened, we oftenly saw the similarities between one character to another character that preceded it; therefore, we saw the copycat characters either from DC or Marvel.

Batman & Iron Man
DC's Batman and Marvel's Iron Man have some similarities, both heroes are multimillionaire playboys that have so many resource to create armours, gadgets, and waeponary.  Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks are the inheritors of their parent's company/enterprises. Perhaps the differents are when Bruce Wayne had the tragic moment on his childhood and that moment become the defining moment for him to become a Dark Knight vigilante. That moment did not occur at all on Tony Stark's childhood. Another differences; Tony Stark doesn't care about hiding his Iron Man identity, in contrary Bruce Wayne keep his Batman identitiy in secrecy.
Batman first arrived in 1939 meanwhile Iron Man was published at the first time in 1963.

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DC's Batman & Marvel's Iron Man

Deadpool & Deathstroke
Deathstroke's DC and Deadpool's Marvel, both are the mercenaries with the military backgrounds.
Deathstroke is the alter ego of Slade Wilson, meanwhile Deadpool is the alter ego Wade Wilson.
Slade Wilson was once the best soldier ever had by The US, he endured the project to make him became the supersoldier, but that project was failed and he became strange, dangerous, and to powerfull. that tragedy was making him being exiled from the military. On the other hand, Wade Wilson was the man kicked oud from the military due to his bad behavior during the task, and the he was striking with the stage 4 of cancer. He offered to participate in The Super Human Project to cure his cancer. Unfortunately, that procedure made the cancer spreaded out through his body and he suffered some neurological damages. forced him to be prisoned by the government. During that period he found the natural healing ability was activated but he still remain scared and mentally unstable. Use his natural healing and power ability he could espace from that jail.
Deathstroke arrived in 1980 meanwhile Deadpool was published first time by Marvel in 1991.

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Marvel's Deadpool & DC's Deathstroke 

Green Arrow & Hawkeye
Both DC's Green Arrow and Marvel's Hawkeye are the finest archer on its franchise. They are both have incredible the ability in archery and also good body's agility. These two superheroes ability were influenced by their past, Oliver Queen's Green Arrow who is the millionaire once was in a holiday, suddenly he found his yacht crashed and he was lost on a remote island, in that island he should manage to survive and he trained his archery ability to survive, meanwhile Clint Barton's Haweye was a circus player who was obsessed to become the vigilante when he saw Iron Man saving the circus from danger. Later, he complete his circus and archery ability with the finest custom and gadgets.
Green Arrow had arrived earlier in the comic book in 1941 and Hawkeye followed in 1964.
Marvel's Haweye & DC's Green Arrow 

The Flash & Quicksilver
These two character are the speedsters. The Flash is the fastest man alive in DC universe, meanwhile Quicksilver is the fastest in Marvel universe. DC created The Flash in some couple of versions, the primarly versions are Jay Garrick, Barry Allen and Wally West. these versions were influence by the possibility of the speedsters to entering another universe by their speed, so the meet another speedsters as they travelled into another universe. Marvel's itself created its speedster with just a single version, that is the version of Pietro Maximoff, the son of  Magneto. he is none other than one of the Mutant.
Marvel's son of magneto arrived in 1964, meanwhile the first version of The Flash who was Jay Garrick version appeared in 1940.
Marvel's Quicksilver & DC's The Flash (Barry Allen Version)

Darkseid & Thanos
These to characters are the supervillain on each universe. Darkseid is one of the ultimate villain in DC universe, meanwhile Thanos is the finest in Marvel universe. they both have similar figure illustration on the comic. Both Darkseid and Thanos have possessed large amount of power with the possibility to destroy the entire universe. Darkseid has anti-life power as he obsessed to destroy everthing on the universe. meanwhile Thanos has the infinity gauntlet with the infinity stones on it to dominate the universe.
Darkseid first appeared in 1970 three years earlier before Marvel published Thanos character.

DC's Darkseid & Marvel's Thanos

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