Sunday, 28 February 2016

Road to Wrestlemania 32: What did Just Happen on WWE Fastlane - Part 1

Wrestlemania is just 5 weeks away, WWE Fastlane became the last pay per view before WrestleMania 32. WWE Universe expected some of the big picture for Wrestlemania revealed on this PPV. That was WWE Fastlane supposed to be, and WWE should do that if they want WrestleMania 32 yet again become the record breaking crowd for indoor sporting event.
WWE Fastlane was just finished, there 8 matches got booked from the pre-show match to the triple threat match main event match, there are some "god", "terrible", "awesome", "aweful", and "stole the show" matches. here is my review for WWE Fastlane 2016:

#8. Pre-Show Match: Calisto vs Alberto Del Rio, for WWE United State Championship

I'm pretty sure that WWE Universe always enjoy the matches between these 2 lucha libre superstars, Calisto and Alberto Del Rio, these 2 men  always show some good, and attractive matches on Raw, Smackdown, even on this PPV. I still don't understand why this such a solid match was put on the Pre-show. this to atheletes deserve better place to perform. We saw the evidence on this match that both Calisto and Del Rio work hard until the match finished, yet we still see some innovative movement from this two men. It'd better if WWE put this match on the show, not on the pre-show. They have a solid either from the match or the storyline to bring in to WrestleMania. If WWE treat them well, it will remind us the match between Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero on WrestleMania, at least, hopefully better.

#7. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks Vs Team B.A.D (Naomi and Tamina)

This was the opening match of the evening,they were performed good, and WWE Universe quite like that. the focus of the fans of course were at Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks who bring a new hope for Divas division, moreover; Sasha Banks has the potential future to be in WrestleMania main event to challenge WWE Divas Champions and it might be against Charlotte. This match ran well and both side executed each movement quite good. this was not bad match for the opening, at least for increasing of Sasha Banks' hype and storyline to WrestleMania, hopefully to challenge Divas Champion. 

#6. Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler for WWE Intercontinental Championship

When the match between Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler went through, we were promised some big time moments and action. Battle between brawler against a pure wrestler always unique and breathtaking, Kevin Owens did his job as ruthless, and villainious champion, on the other side, Dolph Ziggler performed his resilience and innovative style as always. in the end of the match, Kevin Owens prevailed via pinfall after pop-up powerbombing Dolph Ziggler and still WWE Intercontinentel champion which is good for him to bring that title to Wrestlemania. For Dolph Ziggler itself, that was a bad idea, he performed well and he deserve a positif result in the end of the match. This result was bad and could bury his career because he defeated once again on PPV. He still deserve a big picture in WrestleMania. He still upper-midcard superstars. It'd better if Kevin Owens brought his tittle back via DQ.

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