Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Questions Remain on Supergirl & The Flash Crossover

DC's Supergirl & The Flash
DC had confirmed that the crossover between two characters from different channel; Supergirl (CBS) and The Flash (CW) will be released on late March or on the 18th episode of Supergirl. It was clearly very surprising and unpredictable because it didn't take to much time to decide the crossover.
Lots of questions remain on this crossover; do The Flash and Supergirl come from the same earth ? does Supergirl come from earth-2,Earth-3, and so on. A little hint that I'd caught on the 13th episode of The Flash Season 2, When Barry, Harrison Wells, and Cisco tried to enter Earth 2 throught the wormhole, We saw a little sneak peak that Supergirl had been seen on that wormhole. So, the biggest possibility that The Flash will encounter Supergirl from different Earth.
Another question need to be asked, who is the enemy during the crossover between The Flash and Supergirl ? well, according to report, there will be two enemies that Barry and Kara will be fighting. The First one is Livewire, for somebody who watched Supergirl from very beginning will recognize her, this villain once appeared on the 4th episode of Supergirl. She has the ability to manipulate electricity and magnetism. Of course, Livewire wasn't easy to be defeated.

The second villain revealed on this crossover is Silver Banshee. Her ability is Superhuman speed, Hypersonic Screams, and Hypersonic Screeches.Her real name is Siobhan Smythe, He was appeared on the latest episode of Supergirl as Cat Grant's assistant. so far she still looks normal.
On the conclusion of this preview, we will see The Flash coming to help Supergirl to face this two strong villains, we will see the return of Livewire and Siobhan Smythe turn as Silver Banshee. Hopefuly, I hope this crossover will make everyone excited, especially for DC Comic fans.

Silver Banshee


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